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Preparing Your Quilt

In order to get the best results, please make sure you have followed these steps.

  • Make sure your seams are secure. Check especially seams along the edges of the quilt.  If necessary, stay stich (1/16 to 1/8 inch from the edge) around the perimeter of the quilt.

  • Press your seams as flat as possible.

  • Trim loose threads coming through the top or dark threads that will show through light fabric.

  • Mark the top of your quilt with a safety pin.

  • IMPORTANT: Make sure your backing fabric is squared up and at least 4" larger than your quilt top on all four sides.  For example, if your quilt top is 60"x 80", your backing fabric should be at least 68" x 88".  If it is larger than that, no problem.  It just can't be smaller.

  • If your backing fabric is directional or you have a preference about what is the "top", mark it with a safety pin.  

  • Wideback fabrics work great on the longarm.  If you want to purchase the appropriate amount and have it shipped to me, let me know.

  • If your backing will be pieced, use a 1/2" seam allowance and press the seam open to reduce bulk.  

  • If you are mailing me your quilt top and backing, put it in a plastic bag to protect from moisture.  Use signature confirmation and/or additional insurance when you send the package.  

  • Mail your quilt to:

       Short Story Longarm Quilting

       4106 Toronto St. 

      Ames, Iowa 50014

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